The State Office of Volunteerism celebrated Dr. King’s Legacy of Service by offering a "Celebrating Diversity, Service and Disabilities" Luncheon and Presentation on January 19, 2017

With this year’s focus being on disabilities, service and diversity, the State Office of Volunteerism's held their 2nd annual MLK Day Celebration, with a new focus on disabilities and service. Senior Administrator Luz Vasquez-Guzman facilitated the event with Director Renee Beaman offering comments about Dr. King’s legacy.

We hosted representatives from various non-profit organizations and one government agency that held a panel discussion presenting personal experiences regarding challenges of living and working with disabilities along with information about community support that is available.

An attentive audience offered personal experiences as well as asked questions all while sharing in the luncheon. The message of raising awareness and becoming stronger advocates for inclusion in our programs, as well as those of our community partners was well received and will continue to be an ongoing focus of our mission at the Division of State Service Centers.

MLK Day 2017 Panel Members

Alyssa Cowin - Operation Support Specialist - Office of the Secretary DHSS
Alyssa Cowin works full time as an Operation Support Specialist in the office of the DHSS Secretary Rita Landgraf.  There she assists in areas of Human Resources and Public Relations. She has a cognitive challenge that she has been able to overcome with the guidance and support of her family and community resources. She was there to share her journey with attendees.

Richard Huber – Volunteer Services Coordinator – Division for the Visually Impaired with the State of Delaware
Richard is the Volunteer Coordinator with the Division for the Visually Impaired. He role is to recruit and train volunteers to assist the visually impaired population within the entire State of Delaware.  Richard Huber is a proud AmeriCorps Alumni serving in 2009 – 2010.
Marilyn Seibold – Board Member National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Marilyn is an adjunct Professor of Psychology at Washington University, teaching a variety of psychology courses and Internship Academic Supervisor for Psychology and Organizational Dynamics. She retired from the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health in 2010, having been director of Training and Staff Development for the Delaware Psychiatric Center and also Training Administrator for the DSAMH training office. Marilyn serves on the board of NAMI, DE and is President of the Volunteer Delaware 50+ Advisory Council.
Denae Spence – Peer Support Coach Specialist and Volunteer, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Denae is a volunteer for NAMI, DE. She is the Mother of a seventeen year old daughter, a Peer Support Coach Specialist in the State of Delaware, works as an on call employee for RJ Crisis in Newark and conducts peer support groups. She has made numerous guest speaking engagements.  Denae currently resides in Newark, DE and continues her recovery journey as a first time author of a book she is writing. Her greatest passions are peer/community advocacy, volunteering and being a Mom.
Nicole Oidick – Volunteer Services Coordinator – Easter Seals Delaware
Nicole has been at Easter Seals since October, 2015 as the Coordinator of Volunteer Services and student engagement. She matches students, individuals and corporations interested in donating their time, talents, and expertise with different needs at Easter Seals. Before coming to Easter Seals, she worked as a Program Manager in Philadelphia at an arts organization.