Why Become a Community Partner? 

Partnership:  Volunteer Delaware partners with nonprofit organizations and agencies to provide compelling volunteer opportunities and to effectively utilize the talents of people who serve. As the state's leading volunteer organization, Volunteer Delaware offers training, resources, and networking opportunities that equip agencies to engage volunteers in meaningful service. We are also the go-to destination for companies of all sizes looking to improve their community service initiative

Getting Involved: What Can YOU Expect: Pure and Simple: we are here to connect you with volunteers. Whether you have one-time projects or ongoing volunteer needs, you can advertise your volunteer opportunities to the hundreds of volunteers who visit our website each week.

Customized Volunteer Programs: Develop strategically relevant and meaningful volunteer programs that address specific interests, target real community needs and meet organizational priorities.

Updates of the latest in the field of volunteerism: We will let you know about local volunteer fairs, grants, and outreach efforts in your area. Though our website, email blasts, blog, and Facebook we keep you up to date in the world of volunteerism.

Delaware Conference on Volunteerism: as a Volunteer Delaware partner, you will be the first to know about the Conference, its sessions and much more. This conference is a platform for continuing education and advancing volunteerism, with members comprised of peers throughout Delaware.

Questions? Email us at:  hss_VolunteerDelaware@state.de.us