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The Delights of Delaware

Delaware may be the second smallest state in the US, but it more than makes up for this with a considerable amount of attractions for visitors to enjoy. The friendly towns, cute villages, and gorgeous beaches offer everyone a warm welcome, with a wide selection of places to stay.

State Parks

For those who particularly enjoy the great outdoors, Delaware's state parks will be on their list of sights to see. Cape Henlopen is perfect for bird watchers and offers more than 4000 acres of wetlands and pine forests. Trap Pond is ideal for a family day out and has a fascinating nature center and playgrounds to work off any energy that the kids have build up. Not to be missed is Brandywine Creek, particularly in spring and fall, when the hawk migration can be seen.

Unusual Attractions

If looking for something out of the ordinary when visiting Delaware, then consider these options. The Marian Coffin Gardens may sound quite scary, but they are named after an architect. Hidden behind the walls of a derelict mansion, the gardens are a delight at any time of year. The past meets the present at the Steampunk Tree House, a massive art installation. The impressive metal tree is strangely Victorian in its looks.

Other attractions in Delaware include the Winterthur Manor with its Chinese style parlor, the Nemours Estate, lavishly styled in a similar manner to Versailles in France, and not forgetting the Delaware Art Museum.